Energy Revolution India Needs Second Life Lithium Batteries for Sustainable Power Storage

India Accelerates Clean Energy Transition with Second-Life LithiIndia is pivoting to sustainable energy, emphasizing second-life lithium battery storage. Reusing batteries aligns with India’s 4 GWh target by 2030, conserving resources and cutting carbon footprints. The National Framework 2023 highlights this shift, positioning India as a clean energy leader. Investments in battery storage spur economic growth and innovation while reducing global Battery Solutions

World EV Day 2023: What Industry Leaders Said

World EV Day 2023: What Industry Leaders Said

In a world confronting increasingly urgent environmental issues and the imperative to curtail carbon emissions, electric vehicles (EVs) have arisen as a shining emblem of optimism and pioneering progress.

Here’s What The EV Players Are Saying On World EV Day

Electrification of the automobile industry is no longer the future, it is the present. Consumers have begun choosing EVs as one of their next new vehicle and on this World EV Day, all players in the EV ecosystem are embracing the change.