Maximizing Scrap Battery Price

Batteries at end-of-life contain immense salvage potential and residual value. 

Upfront Scrap Battery Price for Buyback

We enable battery buy-back agreements even before first sales of your new batteries. 

Avail both fixed and floating scrap battery price thanks to our ability to model battery performance and the ability to determine future purchase prices via our DETX™ battery price index. Access real-time updates that keep you informed about the salvage value of your battery, or fleet of batteries at any point of time.

A key consideration is the price that you can get for your scrap battery. LOHUM makes it easy to achieve zero ambiguity through DETX™. We host Basic and Advanced versions of our index to give you best prices irrespective of the amount of data that you can share.

Real-time Scrap Battery Price Calculator For Fast & Accurate Value

At any point of time, we can give you accurate and instant salvage value based off of battery data discoverable through our BMS-linked APP and software APIs.

Smartphone APP

View accurate preliminary prices even before physical testing: instantly through our smartphone app. 

Software APIs

Alternatively, onboard our well-documented and easy-to-integrate software APIs into your systems for seamless value discovery.

The software wirelessly reads data from your battery’s BMS via Bluetooth. After that, check the relevant boxes, and receive buyback prices instantly.

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Here’s How Lohum Maximizes
Scrap Battery Price

“We are championing full cathode and anode recovery with 95% yield. Our process incurs low expenditure, has high yield and purity, and has low energy requirements. There is zero waste generation and all the by-products are either utilized or sold.”

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