Our story is that of human ingenuity…

Of inventive minds united in the quest to develop the most sustainable, affordable,
and efficient energy security solutions worldwide.

Our Mission

To become the world’s largest producer of sustainable Li-ion battery raw materials through recycling, repurposing, and low-carbon refining.

LOHUM Core values
Serving earth LOHUM focus
Everyday is the first day for learning
Authentic across rhe board LOHUM

Our Core Values

The clock on Climate Change is ticking, and Climate Tech is the driving force behind our efforts to stabilize it. We don’t spend time wishing for the perfect solution, we decisively create solutions.

Our cutting edge technology is our pride, but it is meant to serve the sustainable energy security needs of the world. At Lohum, low carbon and carbon neutral comes before profit. 

We encourage our team to retain the curiosity and openness of their first day at Lohum. A beginner’s attitude checks our blind spots and allows for radically new solutions. 

Persistently transparent and deeply cohesive in our values, our love of the pale blue dot resonates across all levels of our operations and interactions with the world around us. 

Our Story

Before our inception, our Founders observed two key trends starting around 2015:

Millions of tons of li-ion batteries were moving into the unrecycled waste stream, and the transition to battery power across two of the largest global industries: energy & mobility, was rapidly gaining pace.

While the switch to battery power is more sustainable than oil, there were also many parallels to fossil fuels:

There are only a few countries with critical battery raw material reserves, and thus there is supply chain dominance by only a few companies. This creates cost barriers that limit accessibility, particularly in the developing world with significant mining and energy requirements.

If we only trade one problem for another then we have failed. Our view is that with the right technology we could make battery materials last forever in one form or another and, in doing so, drastically reduce costs and the environmental impact. So that’s what we set out to do.

That’s how LOHUM was founded in 2018, as the only integrated lithium-ion battery manufacturer and recycler to lower costs of electrification both economically and environmentally.

Lohum Success Story

Our Growth Journey

Over the last three years, LOHUM has been able to create the technology & infrastructure to recycle 2 GWh and reuse 300 MWh of battery capacity per annum.

That translates to recycling 1,00,000 battery packs, and assembling 200,000 two-wheeler battery packs, or 10,000 tons of LIB materials. With a home base in Greater Noida, India, we’ve successfully built a global outreach. Visit our [Wikipediapage.

Our hubs will be located in strategic centralized locations. We are currently in the process of establishing our first spoke outside India in the US by 2023. We also have plans to set up a spoke in the EU within the next two years.

Additionally, we are in the process of establishing spokes in southern and western India. Our customers and partners are all across the globe in the US, EU, Middle East, East Asia, and South-East Asia.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we are inherently ESG-focused with a target to prevent 4 Million Tons of GHG emissions by 2026.

Lohum Growth Journey


Meet the people behind the company

Lohum CEO Rajat Verma

Rajat Verma


Justin Lemmon-LOHUM Head, International operations

Justin Lemmon

Head, International operations

Gazanfar Safvi- LOHUM Head, Recycling & Chemicals

Gazanfar Safvi

Head, Recycling & Chemicals

Non-Executive Directors

Arul Mehra - LOHUM Director

Arul Mehra


Tarun Singhal- Director at LOHUM

Tarun Singhal


Advisory Board

Charles McGill - Advisor at LOHUM

Charles McGill


Konrad Jarausch - Lohum Advisor

Konrad Jarausch


Sachin Maheshwari- Lohum Advisor

Sachin Maheshwari


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