Sep 9, 2023

Electric Dreams Visionaries Leading the Charge on World EV Day 2023

World EV Day

September 9 is marked as World EV Day.  A global movement to transition to green and clean mobility, and also innovating change in electric vehicles. In India, central as well as many state governments have released their EV Policies.

In the grand symphony of progress and innovation, the chorus of change is resonating louder than ever. As we stand at the crossroads of history, a collective determination to embrace sustainability and reshape the future of mobility emerges as a defining theme. In this transformative era, a distinguished ensemble of visionaries and trailblazers takes center stage, each armed with their unique instruments of change, all playing harmoniously in the orchestra of electric vehicles and clean technology.

On this EV Day, let us look at what the top minds of the automobile industry have to say about the future of electric propulsion technology and the EV industry in India.

Mr. Vinod Aggarwal, MD & CEO VE Commercial Vehicles

“As a 15-year joint venture between Volvo Group and Eicher Motors, VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV) has a track record of bringing modern and sustainable transportation solutions to customers through the Eicher and Volvo brands in India. Today, our electric trucks and buses are in operation with progressive customers in specific applications, and we have advanced plans for Electrics, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Hydrogen ICE, Bio blends and CNG. As charging infrastructure improves and green energy becomes widely available, we forecast rapid adoption of our electric and clean technology vehicles by customers.

Sustainability is also about efficient asset utilization. All Eicher and Volvo trucks and buses, electric or otherwise powered, are backed by a 100% connected ecosystem with AI based diagnostics to further deliver on our promise of Productivity and Uptime for our customers. As a leading player in the Commercial Vehicles Industry, VECV is committed to drive Decarbonization and Sustainability.”

Khalid Wani, Senior Director, Sales – Western Digital

On World EV Day 2023, we proudly stand alongside the global community in propelling the shift toward a sustainable electric future. The Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by its eco-friendly appeal and government regulations targeting emissions reductions by 2030. Electric vehicles have evolved into feature-rich, battery-powered marvels, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and software capabilities, from navigation to infotainment and advanced safety diagnostics. In essence, today’s EVs have the potential to incorporate functionalities akin to autonomous vehicles (AVs). Consequently, as the EV industry flourishes, data storage innovation must evolve in tandem with the sector’s escalating data requirements.

Presently, India holds the position of the fifth-largest global automotive market, encompassing both Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and electric vehicles, with projections indicating a rise to the third-largest market by 2030. This underscores the growing significance of data and data storage, especially with the proliferation of connected and electric cars. To continue serving the evolving needs of the automotive industry, the storage sector must remain dedicated to innovation and advancement, ensuring it meets the surging demand for data-driven solutions.

Mr. Vivek Vikram Singh, MD & Group CEO, Sona Comstar

“The worldwide shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) has gained substantial momentum, driving us towards a more sustainable future in mobility. Globally, there has been a concerted effort to accelerate the development of an electrified ecosystem, with the overarching goal of reducing carbon emissions across the entire value chain.

At Sona Comstar, our strategic focus on leading the charge in the electrification of mobility worldwide has prompted us to proactively invest in research and development. Consequently, we have created a diverse product portfolio encompassing various types of electrified powertrains, allowing us to effectively meet the escalating demands of global EV original equipment manufacturers and adapt to the evolving industry landscape. This led to the rise in our battery electric vehicles revenue share to 26%, with a 33% growth in absolute revenue, reaching INR 6.7 billion in the last fiscal.”

Mr. Saurav Kumar, Founder and CEO, Euler Motors

This World EV Day holds special significance as India takes center stage on the global platform by hosting the prestigious G20 Summit. Simultaneously, the country is making significant strides towards achieving the milestone of selling one million electric vehicles this calendar year across various segments. The sustained and robust demand for electric vehicles, particularly in the rapidly growing three-wheeler cargo and passenger segment, stands as a testament to the success and widespread acceptance of EVs in the country. Both institutional and retail customers in the commercial segment have recognized the benefits of electric vehicles, including increased profitability and a seamless driving experience.

Going forward, our primary focus should be to meet the burgeoning market demand by scaling up production and bringing high-performance and powerful EVs that can easily compete with or even surpass traditional ICE vehicles. In addition, the industry should also prioritize making electric vehicle financing more accessible while continuing to enhance the charging and service infrastructure. With the current momentum in the EV revolution, India possesses the potential to lead the global transformation towards the future of mobility”.

Mr Sanjay Behl, CEO and Executive Director, Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited

“Celebrating World EV Day, Greaves stands tall as a pioneer in reshaping the landscape of sustainable, clean technology and eco-friendly mobility systems in India. Our unwavering dedication to innovation, coupled with our vision to make affordable, last-mile clean technology personal mobility universally accessible, has propelled us to the forefront of the electric vehicle evolution. This journey is steering us closer to a net-zero emissions future on planet Earth by 2070. With over 2 Lakh happy customers and over a billion electric miles logged-in, we are propelling the creation of an all-encompassing EV ecosystem, catalysing electric vehicle adoption nationwide and beyond. The road ahead promises reduced emissions, energy efficiency, and a renewed urban landscape, driving us towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.”

Mr Sunil Gupta, COO, Vedanta Ltd – Aluminium Business

“Electric vehicles will play a pivotal role in steering the global mobility landscape towards a more sustainable future. Within the automotive sector in particular, the scope of applications for aluminium, often heralded as a ‘green’ metal, is rapidly expanding. This is driven by its ability to provide the safest, most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of enhancing vehicular performance, including battery protection, enhanced fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. The metal’s high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, remarkable design versatility, superior thermal and electrical conductivity, and the capacity for 100% recycling, makes it key to the success of lightweighting and battery technology.

Vedanta Aluminium is the first in India to offer low-carbon, ‘green’ aluminium under its Restora range of products – an innovation that truly enhances the sustainable nature of electric vehicles. We are also developing premium alloys to meet the specific requirements of the automotive sector. Our specialized alloys, such as primary foundry alloys for wheels, engine blocks and cylinder-head applications, billets for battery casings, HVACs & EV frames, and the upcoming crash-resistant alloys are now available to the domestic automotive industry. Together, they signify indigenously produced, high-quality aluminium products with a lower carbon footprint and enhanced supply-chain reliability”.

Mayank Bindal, Founder & CEO, Snap E Cabs

In most other companies helping the planet by adopting sustainable practices is undertaken by the CSR wing; While the intent is strong, sometimes execution falters as the goals fail to percolate across the company in a consistent way. However, at Snap-E it would be fair to say that the entire company has imbibed the CSR ethos; We believe that solving some of the most pressing transportation problem for our customers in a profitable way & leading the way to help adopt sustainable practices and helping the planet are not 2 different goals: there are one and the same.

With about 400+ cabs (all 100% EV) in operations, Kolkata-based Snap-E is among the largest EV Cab fleet owners in the country. The entire team at EC Wheels Private Limited, which operates under the Snap-E brand in the city of Kolkata, is literally working day and night to ensure that not only do we provide an on-demand, easy to use app based solution for the transportation needs of tens of thousands of customers during the daytime but also ferry additional thousands of employees & executives of large corporates and software companies from their home to their offices during the night The team believes that we are not just driving the change – we are the CHANGE!

Rajat Verma, Founder & CEO, LOHUM

This World EV Day, we at LOHUM applaud the Government of India for introducing legislative clarity early, admire the EV ecosystem for unforeseen levels of innovation, and are inspired by consumers for being fast adopters, tolerating uncertainties in the interest of a clean and green Earth. India can look forward to a decade of transformative impact powered by breakthroughs in EV sector technology, scale, and circularity. LOHUM’s activities are driving change by building a sustainable supply of energy transition materials. By pioneering solutions that turn EV battery and critical material waste into virtually infinite value, we pace toward a future that makes full use of its resources and takes accountability for our planet.

Mr. Ketan Mehta – Co-Founder & CEO, HOP Electric Mobility

Global climate concerns have been driving nations toward sustainability. India’s pledge for carbon neutrality by 2070 spurs interest in New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) like, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Electric Vehicles (EVs), among other options. ‘Auto Expo 2023’ earlier showcased a futuristic emphasis among OEMs on Green Energy-powered vehicles. Electric Vehicles’ adoption has been gaining traction due to their lower carbon footprint and cost-efficiency. In the first-half of CY-2023, the segment has experienced consistent sales, surpassing the 100,000-unit mark each month according to government estimates. Efforts are also underway to establish a nationwide charging network by the government and companies collaboratively. E.g. we are expanding our ‘HOP Infinity Energy Network’, which we piloted in Rajasthan, now rolling out to other states. Affordability is key for increasing access to EVs; Battery-as-a-Service is an option, keeping in mind its high upfront cost, separating battery costs from vehicle prices to sweeten the deal. Easy financing is also crucial. We at HOP Electric prioritize financial accessibility with financing at our ‘HOP Experience Centres’ and a PAY AS YOU GO system, aiming to provide quality products at reasonable prices. Our commitment to de-carbonization is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in mobility”.

Mr. Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility

“World EV Day holds a special place in the heart of Omega Seiki Mobility because it embodies the very essence of our journey. Our company was born out of a deep concern for the environment, a concern ignited by witnessing the alarming levels of pollution that engulfed our cities. It was a turning point that inspired us to make a difference. Today, on World EV Day, it feels like Independence Day for all of us in the EV industry. Just as a nation celebrates its freedom, we celebrate the freedom from fossil fuels, from pollution, and from the limitations of traditional transportation. With every electric vehicle we produce, we are contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future, and today, we stand together with fellow EV players to commemorate our shared commitment to this transformative journey.”

Sameer Aggarwal, Founder and CEO at Revfin Services
As we commemorate EV Day, I’m reminded of the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon at Revfin, marked by  over 456+ million zero-emission kilometers enabled, 43650+ tons of CO2 emission saved, and counting. Our mission has always been to empower every Indian to embrace electric mobility, and today, we are committed to fueling this transformation. With the world shifting towards sustainable transportation, EVs are no longer the future; they are the present. We’re dedicated to removing barriers to EV adoption, providing flexible and affordable financing solutions to make electric vehicles accessible to all. Our partnership with individuals, businesses, and the government is powering the transition towards cleaner and greener mobility options. On this special day, we celebrate not just the technology but the people and communities coming together to create a sustainable tomorrow. At Revfin, we believe that the road ahead is electric, and we’re driving change, one EV at a time.

Mr. Atul Gupta, Co-founder & Director of e-Sprinto

“World EV Day shines a spotlight on the electrifying revolution that is reshaping our means of transportation. In the field of electric two-wheelers, it’s the young startups that are propelling this greener tomorrow. With innovation as their compass and determination as their fuel, these startups are rewriting the rules of transportation. They’re introducing sleek, efficient, and eco-conscious EVs that challenge the status quo, proving that sustainability can coexist with style and performance. These startups are not just driving change; they’re igniting a spark of enthusiasm among the younger generation. As we celebrate World EV Day, let us celebrate these trailblazing startups, for they remind us that the need for electric mobility is not just for the future but for the present as well”.

Mr. Chakravarthy C – Managing Director, Quantum Energy

“World EV Day marks a significant milestone, celebrating the rapid growth of electric vehicles while emphasizing our collective dedication to a more sustainable tomorrow. As someone with expertise in the field, I find inspiration in the global surge of electric vehicles, their pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions, combating climate change, and transforming transportation. The growing recognition of the myriad benefits EVs offer is driving unprecedented demand. Yet, World EV Day isn’t just about acknowledging past accomplishments; it’s a clarion call to action. It urges us to continue investing in clean energy, expanding charging infrastructure, and accelerating global EV adoption. It’s only when we work together, we can write a brighter, cleaner chapter in the history of transportation”. 

MG Motor India.

“World EV Day marks significance in driving the EV transformation in India. As one of the pioneers, we have laid the foundation of creating a strong EV ecosystem and have been aggressively working towards strengthening the same. Under the MG Charge program, we are cohesively working to develop a 6-way charging solution that includes a free-of-cost AC fast-charger (installed at the customer’s home/office), an extended charging network, a plug-and-charge cable onboard, charge-on-the-go, and community chargers. Till date, we have set up over 12000 charging touchpoints including home and public chargers across the country”.

Sameer Aggarwal, Founder and CEO at Revfin Services

As we commemorate EV Day, I’m reminded of the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon at Revfin, marked by over 456+ million zero-emission kilometers enabled, 43650+ tons of CO2 emission saved, and counting. Our mission has always been to empower every Indian to embrace electric mobility, and today, we are committed to fueling this transformation. With the world shifting towards sustainable transportation, EVs are no longer the future; they are the present. We’re dedicated to removing barriers to EV adoption, and providing flexible and affordable financing solutions to make electric vehicles accessible to all. Our partnership with individuals, businesses, and the government is powering the transition towards cleaner and greener mobility options”.

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