Sept 9, 2023

Emobility Empowerment: Celebrating World EV Day 2023

World EV Day 2023- Emobility Empowerment

World EV Day, celebrated on the 9th of September, has indeed become a significant event in the modern world as concerns about the environment and sustainability have grown. This day serves as a reminder of the potential of electric vehicles (EVs) to address environmental challenges and usher in a cleaner, greener future.

The idea for World EV Day, originating in 2020 and conceived by the Sustainability Media Company Greet TV, has gained momentum over the years. It has evolved into a global platform for raising awareness about the importance of e-mobility and sustainable transportation solutions.

The heart of World EV Day lies in its message: the adoption of EVs is crucial for mitigating one of the most pressing environmental issues – air pollution from transportation. These vehicles offer a ray of hope by providing cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable transportation alternatives. By choosing EVs, individuals can contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and conserving valuable energy resources.

World EV Day is not merely a celebration; it’s a call to action. It encourages individuals, communities, and nations to take concrete steps towards a future where electric mobility becomes the norm. It underlines the collective understanding that embracing EVs is a pivotal step toward a healthier planet and a brighter future for all.

Each year, on the 9th of September, people worldwide come together to commemorate World EV Day. It’s a day dedicated to spreading the message that electric vehicles are not just a choice but a vital component of a sustainable and promising future. Through this annual observance, the world is reminded of the positive impact that transitioning to EVs can have on the environment and our way of life.

On this special day, let’s gain valuable insights from our industry experts

Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Electric

“Electric Vehicle Day is a timely reminder for each of us to reassert our commitment to accelerating the transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicles (EVs). The urgency of this transition is underscored by our climate commitments and national objectives.

Hero Electric, with its mission, of no emission has consciously led the charge, providing substantial momentum to the prospering Indian electric vehicle industry. It is essential that we prioritize the timely fulfilment of our commitments to ensure the delivery of a cleaner planet to the generations that follow.”

Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric

“Electric Vehicle Day serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility to nurture our planet and catalyse positive change. In today’s global context, Electric Vehicles stand as pivotal instruments in forging a sustainable future marked by eco-friendly transportation and enhanced accessibility.

This occasion prompts us to scrutinize our contemporary choices, recognizing their profound influence on the world we give to future generations. Electric Vehicle Day underscores the pressing need to curtail carbon emissions and enhance our environmental well-being. At Hero Electric, our unwavering commitment remains: to empower India with advanced, environmentally responsible solutions and motivate communities to make informed decisions that align with their aspirations.”

Sameer Aggarwal, Founder and CEO at Revfin Services

“As we commemorate EV Day, I’m reminded of the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon at Revfin, marked by over 456+ million zero-emission kilometers enabled, 43650+ tons of CO2 emission saved, and counting. Our mission has always been to empower every Indian to embrace electric mobility, and today, we are committed to fueling this transformation. With the world shifting towards sustainable transportation, EVs are no longer the future; they are the present. We’re dedicated to removing barriers to EV adoption and providing flexible and affordable financing solutions to make electric vehicles accessible to all. Our partnership with individuals, businesses, and the government is powering the transition towards cleaner and greener mobility options.

On this special day, we celebrate not just the technology but the people and communities coming together to create a sustainable tomorrow. At Revfin, we believe that the road ahead is electric, and we’re driving change.”

Sandiip Bhammer, Founder & Co-Managing Partner, Green Frontier Capital

“For India to truly embrace EVs, we must catalyze a nationwide “charging revolution”. It’s not merely about rolling out electric cars; it’s the backbone of power behind them which truly counts. The heart of our modern mobility lies in every strategically placed charging station and every innovative solution we bring to the table. We envision a landscape wherein electric chargers are as commonplace as our current petrol pumps, seamlessly integrated into the rhythm of daily life. It’s a dance of technology and infrastructure, harmony between innovation and tradition. An electrified road is no longer a distant dream, but a reality we must confront. This is the future India not only needs but rightfully deserves.”

Namit Jain, Co-founder & CEO, Rupyy

“As we commemorate World EV Day, we’re reminded that we stand at a pivotal juncture akin to the early days of the internet—globally symbolized by Tesla’s transformative impact and Europe’s robust green policies. In India, the two-wheel electric vehicle sector has exhibited a robust growth of 60% in H1CY23, capturing a 7% market share from just 1% two years prior. While challenges persist—ranging from high initial costs to infrastructural gaps—the landscape is ripe for disruption. One such avenue is the evolving fintech sector, which is playing an increasingly significant role in EV adoption by streamlining financing options. From a 30% to 40% surge in EV financing penetration in recent months, fintech innovations are effectively democratizing access to electric mobility. Supported by government initiatives, technological breakthroughs, and financial ingenuity, we are confident that India is steering towards a sustainable and electrified future.”

Ketan Mehta – Co-Founder & CEO, HOP Electric Mobility

“Global climate concerns have been driving nations toward sustainability. India’s pledge for carbon neutrality by 2070 spurs interest in New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) like, Hydrogen Fuel Cells and electric Vehicles (EVs), among other options. ‘Auto Expo 2023’ earlier showcased a futuristic emphasis among OEMs on Green Energy-powered vehicles.

Electric Vehicles’ adoption has been gaining traction due to their lower carbon footprint and cost-efficiency. In the first half of CY-2023, the segment experienced consistent sales, surpassing the 100,000-unit mark each month according to government estimates. Efforts are also underway to establish a nationwide charging network by the government and companies collaboratively. E.g. We are expanding our ‘HOP Infinity Energy Network’, which we piloted in Rajasthan, now rolling out to other states.

Affordability is key for increasing access to EVs; Battery-as-a-Service is an option, keeping in mind its high upfront cost, separating battery costs from vehicle prices to sweeten the deal. Easy financing is also crucial. We at HOP Electric prioritize financial accessibility with financing at our ‘HOP Experience Centres’ and a PAY AS YOU GO system, aiming to provide quality products at reasonable prices. Our commitment to de-carbonization is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in mobility.”

Mayank Bindal, Founder & CEO, Snap E Cabs

“In most other companies helping the planet by adopting sustainable practices is undertaken by the CSR wing; While the intent is strong, sometimes execution falters as the goals fail to percolate across the company in a consistent way. However, at Snap-E it would be fair to say that the entire company has imbibed the CSR ethos; We believe that solving some of the most pressing transportation problems for our customers in a profitable way & leading the way to help adopt sustainable practices and helping the planet are not 2 different goals: there are one and the same;

With about 400+ cabs (all 100% EV) in operations, Kolkata-based Snap-E is among the largest EV Cab fleet owners in the country. The entire team at EC Wheels Private Limited, which operates under the Snap-E brand in the city of Kolkata, is literally working day and night to ensure that not only do we provide an on-demand, easy-to-use app-based solution for the transportation needs of tens of thousands of customers during the daytime but also ferry additional thousands of employees & executives of large corporates and software companies from their home to their offices during the night

The team believes that we are not just driving the change – we are the CHANGE!”

Rajat Verma, Founder & CEO, LOHUM

“This World EV Day, we at LOHUM applaud the Government of India for introducing legislative clarity early, admire the EV ecosystem for unforeseen levels of innovation, and are inspired by consumers for being fast adopters, tolerating uncertainties in the interest of a clean and green Earth. India can look forward to a decade of transformative impact powered by breakthroughs in EV sector technology, scale, and circularity.

LOHUM’s activities are driving change by building a sustainable supply of energy transition materials. By pioneering solutions that turn EV batteries and critical material waste into virtually infinite value, we pace toward a future that makes full use of its resources and takes accountability for our planet.”

Nitin Kapoor, Managing Director, Saera Electric Auto Ltd (Mayuri ERickshaw)

“With 40 different types of vehicles and USD 4.23 billion market value, the Indian EV market stood at 11th position in the world on the readiness index. Thus, there is an urgent need to accelerate the EV transition of the country in line with sustainable development goals. The large market with huge domestic demand augurs a golden future for green mobility in India. Electric rickshaws, which are phenomenal in first and last-mile connectivity in metros and providing affordable commutation to sub-urban and rural populace, can further propel India’s EV industry with government support. The industry seeks a more amicable approach from the government with favourable initiatives like subsidies, lower taxes, simple financing alternatives, the development of EV charging infrastructure, and the establishment of uniform infrastructure standards. These measures are essential in driving India towards a more sustainable future powered by electric vehicles.”

Ankit Mittal, Co-Founder & CEO, Sheru

“India’s EV sales are at a tipping point, with this being the first year that sales of EVs going past the 5% mark of all vehicles sold. This is an important figure, as Bloomberg analysis has shown that countries that crossed the 5% of new car sales being EVs see a jump to become 25% in just 4 years.

India’s EV sector has thus crossed its infancy stage and is poised to enter the rapid growth stage. While we look back at what has been achieved with satisfaction, we must also be prepared for what is to come next. If we implement our plans and execute it well, India’s mobility sector will witness a transformation in the coming years. Sheru is leading EV sustainability from the front.”

Ashish Deswal, Founder, EarthtronEV

“With more people shifting to EVs, the Indian electric vehicle market size of USD 4.23 billion in 2023 is expected to grow at a CAGR of 68% to reach USD 152 billion by 2030. The country aims to achieve 100% electric mobility by 2030, which requires rapid expansion of EV charging infrastructure. Still, the charging infrastructure is not sufficient to provide an adequate pace for mobility transition. Besides, a move towards standardization of EV charging connectors is necessary to benefit the EV charging industry and accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) can be an effective solution to this limitation because they facilitate public funds, R&D, standardization and interoperability. Also, to accelerate the development of EV charging infrastructure in India, the government can provide incentives, simplify regulations, collaborate with private industry, standardize infrastructure, launch awareness campaigns, provide financial support, integrate with renewable energy, and invest in R&D.”

Setul Shah, Founder of RunR Mobility

“Today, as the world comes together to celebrate electric mobility on World EV Day, let us collectively recognize the pivotal role our choices today play in electrifying our future. It’s a day that beckons us to be the catalysts of change, accelerate progress, and transform the shift to electric mobility from a mere option into a shared responsibility. This celebration is a call to arms, urging us to spark a revolution that propels us toward a brighter, more sustainable horizon. It’s a day to embrace the transformative power of electric vehicles.

At RunR Mobility, we stand proudly as part of this electric revolution, driven by the mission to make electric vehicles more affordable and accessible to consumers. Our unwavering commitment to ‘Make in India’ vehicles not only bolsters local manufacturing but also perfectly aligns with the sustainable and environmentally friendly ethos of World EV Day. By championing homegrown electric mobility solutions, we actively contribute to a greener future while simultaneously fortifying the Indian economy. As we revel in this day of global celebration, RunR remains steadfast in its dedication to building a robust EV ecosystem that leads the way toward cleaner, more efficient transportation options for everyone. This is our pledge on World EV Day – a commitment to a world where electric vehicles are not just a choice but the preferred choice, ushering in a future of cleaner air, quieter streets, and accessible, sustainable mobility for all.”

Samarth Kholkar, Founder and CEO of BLive

“World EV Day highlights a pivotal moment in our global journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. As EVs continue to surge in popularity, we are not only shifting gears in the automotive industry but venturing into a profound transformation of how we perceive mobility. EVs represent more than just transportation; they signify our collective commitment to preserving the planet, reducing our carbon footprint, and embracing tech that harmonises with nature.

At BLive, we’re reshaping how people discover, embrace, and thrive with e-mobility. From the initial spark of discovery to seamless commerce and everyday usage, we’re pioneering a transformative journey for individuals and enterprises. By disrupting the traditional auto retail model, we’re steering into a new era of choice, expertise, and ease of EV ownership.”

Namit Jain, Founder and CEO of ZEN Mobility

“On World EV Day, we are delighted to commemorate the electrifying transformation of the last-mile delivery sector. As a last-mile delivery provider, our commitment is to reduce our environmental impact while optimizing our operations. Our choice of electric vehicles, especially light electric vehicles (LEVs) designed for urban and commercial delivery, reflects our belief in the future of sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective mobility. We appreciate the existing government policies and incentives that support LEV adoption in India and believe there are numerous prospects that can be considered to foster growth in the LEV, last-mile delivery, and commercial vehicle sectors.

In addition to promoting awareness through campaigns and training that emphasize reduced emissions and enhanced cost-effectiveness, we advocate for the enhancement of quality and safety standards, coupled with strict enforcement of regulatory compliance. Furthermore, we encourage innovation, research, and collaboration to advance these segments. Together, we aim to shape a more sustainable and efficient future for last-mile delivery and urban mobility.”

Dr Lalit Singh – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TelioEV

“To hasten the adoption of electric vehicles in India, effective management of EV charging systems is essential. Just as a well-conducted orchestra creates beautiful music, a well-coordinated network of charging infrastructure orchestrates the harmonious transition to electric mobility. We can connect with consumers and stakeholders like Charging station owners etc. on the proper level and allay range concerns by making charging stations accessible, affordable, and reliable. Additionally, energy use can be optimized via intelligent charging solution management systems, which ease the strain on the grid and encourage sustainability. Let us keep in mind that well-managed charging infrastructure is the conductor of this transformative symphony, directing us towards a brighter, electric future as India seeks cleaner, greener transportation.”

Chakravarthy C – Managing Director, Quantum Energy

“World EV Day marks a significant milestone, celebrating the rapid growth of electric vehicles while emphasizing our collective dedication to a more sustainable tomorrow. As someone with expertise in the field, I find inspiration in the global surge of electric vehicles, and their pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions, combating climate change, and transforming transportation. The growing recognition of the myriad benefits EVs offer is driving unprecedented demand. Yet, World EV Day isn’t just about acknowledging past accomplishments; it’s a clarion call to action. It urges us to continue investing in clean energy, expanding charging infrastructure, and accelerating global EV adoption. It’s only when we work together, that we can write a brighter, cleaner chapter in the history of transportation.”

Atul Gupta, Co-founder and director of e-Sprinto

“World EV Day shines a spotlight on the electrifying revolution that is reshaping our means of transportation. In the field of electric two-wheelers, it’s the young startups that are propelling this greener tomorrow. With innovation as their compass and determination as their fuel, these startups are rewriting the rules of transportation. They’re introducing sleek, efficient, and eco-conscious EVs that challenge the status quo, proving that sustainability can coexist with style and performance. These startups are not just driving change; they’re igniting a spark of enthusiasm among the younger generation. As we celebrate World EV Day, let us celebrate these trailblazing startups, for they remind us that the need for electric mobility is not just for the future but for the present as well.”

eBikeGo, Founder and CEO, Dr Irfan Khan 

“As we celebrate World EV Day, we at eBikeGo are reminded of the larger mission at hand — to foster a global shift towards sustainable mobility. Every electric vehicle we introduce to the road isn’t just a product, but a testament to our commitment to an eco-responsible future. Through continuous innovation and unwavering dedication, we’re making strides in not only transforming India’s transportation landscape but also sending ripples of positive change across the globe. Together, let’s continue to charge ahead towards a cleaner, greener, and more connected world.”

Kaustubh Dhonde, Founder and CEO of AutoNxt Automation

“In the fertile landscape of the electric vehicle industry, the emergence of an electric tractor startup like AutoNxt Automation has proven to be a groundbreaking plow, tilling new furrows of possibility. This visionary endeavor isn’t just cultivating fields; it’s sowing the seeds of transformation. As the tractor’s tires roll silently over the earth, they’re also rolling the wheels of progress. AutoNxt Automation an innovative startup isn’t merely impacting the EV industry; it’s reshaping it. Through their commitment to sustainable farming and transportation, they are steering the course toward greener pastures, demonstrating that electrification knows no bounds. The electric tractor industry is forging a path that others will follow, illuminating a future where electric vehicles sprout in all forms, ensuring a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.”

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