Safeguarding Earth’s Tomorrow, Today.

Advancing climate-tech via low-carbon lithium ion battery recycling, producing sustainable battery metals & chemicals from used batteries.

The LOHUM Impact

Real-time CO2e savings till date
problem of climate



The climate crisis is imminent, and energy security is at risk.

problem of climate

Rising temperatures, severe weather conditions, increasing droughts, floods, hurricanes, the list of dangers induced by climate change is alarming. The world is scrambling to shift away from fossil fuels, and towards clean energy powered by Lithium ion battery recycling. 

In our quest to push the energy industry closer to net zero, we strive to be a key pillar of closed-loop Lithium ion battery recycling and repurposing. 

We reduce dependency on mining for battery minerals by fostering a 100% circular supply chain with unparalleled transparency. At LOHUM, accelerating the shift towards a circular, responsible, and climate-conscious battery ecosystem is at the core of all decisions!



LOHUM: The largest producer of sustainable energy transition and battery raw materials through recycling, repurposing, and low carbon refining.

LOHUM: the largest producer of sustainable battery raw materials through recycling, repurposing, and low-carbon refining.

As a climate-tech company, we host single-point lithium ion battery recycling & reuse solutions to overcome industry-wide obstacles to sustainable energy storage.

We’re the charge behind environment-focused battery energy technology, and we’re building a zero-waste battery materials supply chain to power the entire industry.

The critical lithium ion battery raw materials we recover and recirculate to the market lower battery costs, reduce reliance on mining, and advance energy security for all.

Battery Lifecycle Management Solutions

Recycle With Us

Recycle with us

As an OEM or Dealership, are you looking to recycle your used or scrap batteries?

Achieve your battery sustainability goals through our NEETM™ Lithium ion battery recycling and extraction technology.

Battery scrap price- Battery Residual Value

Battery residual value

Are you an OEM, or Financier looking to discover the residual value of your Lithium ion battery? 

Access industry-leading salvage prices in real-time via the DETX™ index, and unlock optimal second life applications.

EPR Partnership

EPR partnership

Are you a battery manufacturer looking to fulfill your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)? 

Ace your EPR targets with our traceability and EPR portal that generates BWMR-compliant lithium ion battery recycling certificates.

Our products

Energy Storage Applications

Energy storage applications

For homes, offices, and industry powered by repurposed 2nd life Li-ion batteries.

Batteries For Low Power E-Mobility

Batteries for low power e-mobility

Li-ion 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler applications for tough operating environments.

Battery Materials

High-purity battery raw materials ready for use in the production of Cathode Active Materials (Li, CO, Ni, Mn) and Anode (Graphite), recovered via our NEETM™ Lithium ion battery recycling technology.

Battery materials can be recycled and reused endlessly. What is currently treated as waste can be reclaimed with our patented NEETM™ process, and recirculated infinitely.

LOHUM in numbers



Combined Capacity

4 GWh




0 India, USA, EU
LOHUM Battery Recycle factory

Our Impact

50 +

Kgs CO2e saved per KWh of Lithium ion battery recycling capacity vs mining.

100 +

Kgs CO2e saved per KWh of reused battery capacity vs mining.

500 X

Less water consumed per ton of LIBs recycled. Mining consumes 500,000 liters!

30000 +

Lithium ion battery recycling industry jobs created by 2026

Challenges We Address

The world’s transition to battery power presents various environmental, humanitarian, and geopolitical challenges.


At LOHUM, we’ve set out to holistically address challenges obstructing the battery energy revolution, paving the way for the widespread adoption of circular-economy LIB technologies.

Our Commitment

LOHUM is wholly committed to delivering sustainable one-stop solutions for the global closed-loop battery materials supply chain.

Here’s how we do it:


Lohum Mask Group


Join us in the quest to build a climate-conscious world free of battery waste!

We’re always on the lookout for people with the passion, drive, and determination to make the world a better place!

LOHUM is India’s largest producer of sustainable energy transition materials, and the only integrated battery material recycling, reuse, and low-carbon refining company in the world. We are also a green ecosystem employer that revels in building careers that empower ambition, enrich lives, and excite passion! At LOHUM, we build experiences that help uplift both individuals and communities.

Our work environment radiates equity, inclusion, and diversity, and every day offers endless possibilities for growth and learning.

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Lohum - Innovative Company Of The Year - CII
Lohum - Innovative Battery Recycling Process Technology
LOHUM - National startup India Award Winner Waste to value
LOHUM - India's Top Innovative MSME

News Room

November 23, 2023Lohum

Lohum Cleantech’s green mission, a force to reckon with.


Lohum is pursuing a mission to become the world’s largest producer of sustainable battery/energy transition raw materials through recycling, repurposing, and low-carbon

October 26, 2023Lohum

Energy Revolution India Needs Second Life Lithium Batteries for Sustainable Power Storage


India Accelerates Clean Energy Transition with Second-Life LithiIndia is pivoting to sustainable energy, emphasizing second-life lithium battery storage. Reusing batteries aligns with India's 4 GWh target by 2030, conserving

September 14, 2023Lohum

Not ESG, but ‘EFG’ needs to be fixed for G20 nations to resolve conflicts By Rajat Verma
The Financial Express


The global shift to clean energy is challenged by costs, employment concerns, and entrenched interests. Developing nations face higher expenses, while stability and fairness are paramount. India's G-20 presidency offers a chance

September 9, 2023Lohum

Emobility Empowerment: Celebrating World EV Day 2023


World EV Day, celebrated on the 9th of September, has indeed become a significant event in the modern world as concerns about the environment and sustainability have

September 9, 2023Lohum

World EV Day 2023: What Industry Leaders Said


In a world confronting increasingly urgent environmental issues and the imperative to curtail carbon emissions, electric vehicles (EVs) have arisen as a shining emblem of optimism and pioneering

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Electric Dreams Visionaries Leading the Charge on World EV Day 2023


Discover the future of battery recycling, trends, tech, and market insights for a greener, more sustainable world. #RecycleBatteries.
Sept 19, 2022 > Mint
LOHUM Cleantech to supply 10,000 metric tonne specialty chemicals to Glencore
Lohum Recycling Plant


The partnership will allow both companies to deepen their recycling expertise and support the advancement of a circular economy by supplying raw materials back into the battery supply chain.

Jan 5, 2023 > Bloomberg
LOHUM Partners With Mercedes-Benz Energy For Second-Use Li-Ion Battery Module Supply
EPR - Lohum


Mercedes-Benz Energy and LOHUM are pleased to announce a strategic partnership through a multi-year supply contract agreement for second-life batteries. 

Dec, 13, 2022 > PTI
The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) conferred the ‘The Most Innovative Company of the Year 2022’ award to LOHUM
CII Industrial Innovation Awards


Recognised for making India a viable alternative to International players in the battery raw materials space and helping India potentially capture at least 10% share of the global battery raw materials market

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