Extended Producer Responsibility: Enabling Closed-Loop Lithium ion Battery Recycling

Extended producer responsibility

This article will explore the concept of EPR and how it can facilitate energy transition and build a sustainable circular economy. It will also discuss the recent mandate of EPR for battery manufacturers, EV companies, battery ecosystem stakeholders in India, and overview how LOHUM helps battery Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) fulfill their EPR compliance under the Battery Waste Management Rules of India, (BWMR 2022), as well as other examples of EPR legislation worldwide.

Second-Life of Used EV Batteries: 5 Bottlenecks

5 bottlenecks to battery 2nd life

Maximizing the second life of battery energy storage systems is crucial for the long-term viability and commercial success of the clean energy transition ecosystem. Developing advanced technologies & control systems, ensuring stability in the supply chain, and addressing safety considerations are key actions to break through the bottlenecks.