September 19, 2022

LOHUM to provide 10,000 MT of speciality chemicals used in Li-ion batteries over next five years to Glencore facility

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LOHUM Recycling battery plant

LOHUM, India’s largest Li-ion batteries lifecycle management firm, and Glencore, one of the world’s largest globally diversified natural resource company 

Today, announced a strategic partnership to advance circularity in the Li-ion batteries supply chain.  Under the alliance, LOHUM will supply Glencore with 10,000 MT of specialty chemicals for the battery supply chain over the next five years, including cathodes, sulfates, carbonates, and oxides of various metals extracted from spent batteries and other sources.

LOHUM and Glencore share a vision to further the energy transition and recognize the need to sustainably address the growing commodities demand for Li-ion batteries. The global partnership will allow both companies to deepen their recycling expertise and support the advancement of a circular economy by supplying raw materials back into the battery supply chain.

Announcing this partnership, Rajat Verma, Founder & CEO of LOHUM, said

At LOHUM, we recognize that Lithium Carbonate extraction through recycling consumes significantly fewer resources than conventional mining.  Our partnership with Glencore underpins our global commitment to expanding the availability of existing battery resources through recycling. Our energy-efficient recycling technologies lend us a strong differentiation from most companies and showcase our unique efforts and capabilities in extracting specialty chemicals from spent Li-ion batteries. This major development will directly boost India’s battery industry and energy security, leading to large-scale value creation in employment, domestic ecosystem growth, and import savings on LIB raw materials.”

An expanding focus on Li-ion batteries recycling is inevitable to meet the burgeoning raw material demand, especially in view of growing EV adoption. The multi-million-dollar association between Glencore and LOHUM is in complete alignment with the government’s vision of scaling up the sector.

By reimagining how the lithium-ion industry would be indigenous in India, LOHUM seeks to establish an ecosystem. This partnership will lessen India’s reliance on other countries, which will eventually result in lower battery prices, allowing the entire country to quickly transition to sustainable energy storage.

Jyothish George, Co-Head of Marketing Zinc and Copper (Metal), from Glencore, commented:

We are excited to partner with a key player of India’s green economy. Our focus on a greener future is aligned and supports Glencore’s ambition to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Part of our approach is to seamlessly combine primary as well as recycled feed streams to provide the critical metals needed for the transition to a low-carbon future. Our partnership with LOHUM fully complements these goals by Li-ion batteries .”

As part of its mission to expand its recycling footprint, LOHUM will procure spent batteries and recycle them at its plant in the National Capital Region, India.

About LOHUM- Leading Li-ion batteries Manufacturer:

LOHUM is India’s largest producer of sustainable Li-ion batteries raw material through recycling, repurposing, and low-carbon refining, and the only integrated battery recycling and reuse company in the world. 

Recognized as ‘The Most Innovative Company of the year 2022’ by The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), LOHUM is committed to making battery materials last forever. An engine of innovation, LOHUM’s R&D focus is driving sustainable climate technology. 

LOHUM’s NEETM™ Li-ion batteries material recycling and extraction technology yields top-quality materials and produces zero waste. Its DETX™ battery price index makes it easy to determine accurate prices of battery materials and provides ‘future’ buyback prices. LOHUM is slated to prevent over 4 Million Tons of CO2e by 2026.

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Recognized as ‘The Most Innovative Company of the year 2022’ by The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), LOHUM is a producer of sustainable Li-ion battery raw materials


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