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High-performance Lithium ion batteries powering e-mobility and stationary energy storage

EV Batteries

Energy Storage Solutions

E-Mobility Power Solutions

Affordable smart batteries for low-power e-mobility in tough environments.

Designed for high temperature and high vibration operating environments, Lohum’s lithium-ion batteries deliver exceptional longevity, consistently stable performance, and optimal power after every recharge.

Key features of our E-mobility batteries:

Battery Design & Technology

Charging up a long and sustainable future

Lohum’s scalable platform design gives you the freedom to avail custom Li-ion battery solutions for your specific requirements.

Our Range of EV Batteries

For 2-Wheelers

For 3-Wheelers and L5

Energy Storage Solutions

We offer a range of customized Lithium-ion ESS products that synergize with renewables, microgrids and behind-the-meter applications.

Our ESS applications enable you to shift off-grid and utilize stored electricity at critical times, unlocking superior flexibility and control over energy usage.

ESS Highlights

Second Life Solutions for Batteries

Lohum is championing second-life solutions for batteries, where end-of-life EV battery cells are reused in stationary energy storage after they cannot be used for their original utility.

Lohum’s energy storage solutions powered by repurposed 2nd-life Li-ion batteries maximize environmental sustainability. We, at Lohum, use our proprietary battery repurposing technology to accurately determine the remaining useful life (RUL) of cells in order to uncover residual value and provide warranty for 2nd-life battery products.

Leverage our turnkey solutions with seamlessly integrated power control, power conversion, and energy management capabilities.

We are currently upscaling various second life solutions for used batteries, the most popular of which are listed below.


Use-Case Scenarios

Why Lohum

Commitment to Quality

We employ an exhaustive testing and QA process to create the highest performing batteries.

Customized Designs

Our technology & integrated processes deliver customized battery packs tailored to specific requirements.

Service Network

Presence of over 50+ service centers providing 24/7 support with trained service engineers.

Battery Buy Back

Our battery buy-back reduces overall battery cost & ensures EPR regulatory compliance.

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The world’s largest producer of sustainable battery raw materials through recycling, repurposing, and low-carbon refining.

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