Revolutionizing Energy Transition Asset Trade

Battery Buyback & Materials Exchange

In the dynamic landscape of the clean energy transition, where the demand for sustainable solutions is rapidly escalating in a race against the depletion of finite resources, transparency and traceability play pivotal roles in the long-term viability of the entire ecosystem. At LOHUM, we are committed to reshaping the battery industry via a transformative platform to benefit all stakeholders.
Introducing the Delhi Energy Transition Exchange™, or DETX™, a battery buyback platform and battery materials exchange thoughtfully designed to revolutionize the way we trade energy transition ecosystem assets.

Infinite Recyclability of Batteries

Raw Battery Materials: Infinite Recyclability

We sat down with Gazanfar Safvi, Head of Recycling & Chemicals at LOHUM, to answer “Are battery raw materials really infinitely recyclable? If so, how is that possible?” and “Does recycling battery produce materials as good as virgin mined materials?”, delve into the viability of battery material recycling, and explore the potential of recycled materials compared to newly mined ones in this exclusive read.