Sept 29, 2023

LOHUM Announces Pure Lithium Metal Recovered Through Recycling, Amongst Slew of New Closed-Loop Ecosystem Breakthroughs

Press Release

LOHUM has become the first company outside of China to produce Lithium in its pure metallic form at scale.

New Delhi; September 28, 2023: LOHUM, India’s largest producer of sustainable energy transition and battery materials through integrated recycling, repurposing, and refining, has become the first company outside of China and one of 5 companies globally to produce Lithium in its pure metallic form at scale. This innovation is the realization of over two years of R&D efforts by the company, which hosted the first such demonstration in India at its Annual General Meeting 2023 on September 28th, in Delhi. The launch of the recycled lithium metal at the meeting was followed by the first ‘Annual Energy Transition Gala’, a convergence of pioneers, key ecosystem pillars, and innovators from all across Indian and international Net Zero ecosystems.

Pure Lithium metal produced through recycling heralds many promising developments for India’s energy transition in the near future, and forges a path for India to become the global source of pure Lithium Metal, counterbalancing China’s current Lithium supply dominance. Pure Lithium metal has a wide variety of use cases ranging from EV batteries, Consumer Electronics batteries, Aerospace, advanced metallurgy, medical and industrial compounds.

Pure Lithium Metal through recycling is a paradigm-shifting breakthrough, as it is the key prerequisite for Lithium-air batteries, which are considered the holy grail of all EV battery technologies, as a Lithium-air battery the size of a small backpack can power an EV for around 1000 Kilometers on a single charge. LOHUM’s technological ability to recycle and refine Lithium metal from battery waste as well as from ores, slag, and production scrap has now reached efficiencies never seen before outside of China. The launch thus marks the breaking of China’s monopoly on battery materials and cell technology.

Endeavoring to foster a closed-loop national ecosystem to accelerate India’s Energy Transition, LOHUM organized the Annual Energy Transition Gala after the demonstration, bringing together investors, industry leaders, academics, and policy shapers at the forefront of change in the country. The evening’s insightful networking and discussion rounds were accompanied by cocktails & dinner and featured recent strides in innovation taken by LOHUM for clean energy ecosystems.

The discussions at the Gala were split into two rounds, heralding two perspectives. Starting off with Rajat Verma, Founder & CEO of LOHUM, who stated- “The world of energy is ever-changing, and rapid innovation is the key to capturing the global market. Pure Lithium metal produced via recycling, combined with India’s vast pool of materials talent, if channelized correctly, can make India a heavyweight alternative to China.”

This was followed by an Industry Panel Discussion on the ‘The Global Challenges & Opportunities of the Energy Transition’.

The Gala evening was concluded by renowned Author and Motivational Speaker Mr. Chetan Bhagat, who expressed- “Little did I know that when I was talking about innovation in battery technology back in 2018, little did I know that an extremely promising startup called LOHUM had just been founded at the time.  The groundbreaking progress of LOHUM’s tech R&D has made the production of Pure Lithium metal in India a reality. I see a future ahead ripe with universal access to clean energy, affordability of clean technology, and energy security. For LOHUM, sustainability is not a greenwashing buzzword, but a plan of action and way of life.”

The launch highlights India’s evolving leadership in energy transition materials and cell technology, paving the way to an inclusive, energy-abundant global utopia.

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