Nov 1, 2023

LOHUM Foundation Brings Sustainability Education & Internship Opportunities to Underprivileged Children, in Winter Camp

Press Release

Greater Noida, November 01, 2023: India – LOHUM, India’s leading producer of energy transition materials through recycling, refining, and battery repurposing, hosted a sustainability education winter camp from 30th October to 3rd November, organized by the LOHUM Foundation. This initiative was exclusively designed for underprivileged children, part of LOHUM Foundation’s mission to make sustainability education widespread, engaging, and enjoyable for all children. This comes after the Foundation organized a Summer Camp this June, bringing together young superheroes to learn about sustainability in action.

The LOHUM Foundation’s winter camp adopts a dynamic, activity-based methodology, catering to diverse learning styles. With a deliberate focus on maintaining a small group of children, the camp ensures personalized attention, developing an in-depth understanding of sustainability and green living concepts. Children from different NGOs and schools converged at the camp, bringing fresh perspectives, broadening their developmental horizons, and nurturing empathy.

As part of the camp, the children eagerly interacted with experts who showcased various important aspects in the field of sustainability as India transitions to circularity and clean energy.  The children delighted in transforming a bicycle into an Electric Vehicle, under the guidance of LOHUM’s R&D team. This hands-on experience not only educates but empowers, instilling practical knowledge of sustainable practices.

The education imparted at LOHUM Foundation’s camps and workshops sets clear fundamentals for future-readiness, preparing the next generations to maximize their life skills and opportunities. The children’s experiences at the winter camp will enable them to think for their future, broadening their visions and helping them develop successful and sustainable careers. These learnings will enable those children of India who have been dealt an unfortunate hand, by teaching them to shine, and to turn the challenges of today as well as tomorrow into opportunities.

The camp’s impact extends far beyond its duration. Each participant is inducted into the prestigious Sustainability Superheroes Club and presented with a certificate of participation, a testament to their commitment to a sustainable future. Moreover, these budding ‘Sustainability Superheroes’ become eligible for future internships at LOHUM.

Subuhi Safvi, representing the LOHUM Foundation, expressed, “At LOHUM, we believe that empowering the younger generation with knowledge and education holds the key to creating a positive and lasting impact on our world. Children are catalysts for change, and it’s our responsibility to guide them toward responsible behaviors and the understanding of sustainable practices.”

Sustainability knowledge and insight are key to the future, and through interactive educational initiatives, the LOHUM Foundation aims to effectively help achieve the children’s aspirations, celebrate their achievements, and nurture a sense of empowerment and agency.


About LOHUM Foundation

LOHUM Foundation is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future by instilling a sense of responsibility and sustainability awareness in children, on a mission to inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders. We believe that by educating and empowering younger generations, we can create lasting positive change and a more sustainable world for all.

The foundation works with the belief that children are powerful catalysts for the future, and so it is our responsibility to instill responsible behaviors and the knowledge of creating sustainable change in them. Through engaging and interactive programs, we aim to foster a deep understanding of sustainability concepts and encourage environmentally responsible behaviors from an early age.

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